Seven Ideas For A More Effective Medical Office
You only get one chance to make a good first impression – cliché, but true. The overall condition of a medical office speaks volumes to not only those who work there, but also to visitors, patients and, yes, potential patients. If the look and feel of your space is not clean, inviting, uplifting and appealing, then it’s probably producing negative feelings in people resulting in an adverse first impression of you and your space. Walk through the front door of your suite with new eyes. Try to put yourself in the shoes of someone who has never been to your office or even met you. Are door frames and walls chipped? Are floors dirty, out dated and/or worn? Is the waiting area crowded with old, upholstered chairs and volumes of out-dated magazines? How many hand written signs hang taped to the walls or doors? These are just a few questions that should run through your head – and that’s just in the waiting area. Many of us become immune to our surroundings when we spend countless hours of time living and working there. We learn to block the messiness, clutter and lack of appeal due to what we envision would be large amounts of expenditure to remedy the problems. Consider that the up-front costs of creating an inspired, well-designed, effective environment will be readily recouped by the addition of new patients happy to spread the word about their terrific medical practitioner’s office. The following 7 ideas may inspire you to make some much needed change to your office or help you plan your new office: FAUQED18
  • Don’t necessarily fill your waiting room with the largest quantity of chairs it will hold. People instantly view a large waiting room with large wait times. Consider carefully how many people should be truly “waiting” and add an extra chair for a parent, spouse or child.
  • Use visual stimulation to decrease perceived wait time. Using items such as a water feature, aquarium or other decorative elements, give people a distraction and can create a sense of calm, making a wait time seem shorter.
  • Use of newer products provide tools and equipment at your fingertips without increasing space. There are new delivery systems and techniques, utilizing more functional furniture and equipment cabinets, allowing added treatment areas in less space. Improved service, consolidated in less space, equals more revenue.
  • Use fluorescent panels to transport your patient to another place. Exterior scenes provide visual interest, using basic science to soothe and calm people, and while they’re looking at the ceiling it’s much more interesting than counting ceiling holes.
  • Incorporate the thoughts of your staff, and even patients, when designing your office space. Vital considerations from various perspectives produce excellence and improve productivity and design details.
  • Allow technology to help your efficiency. On-line registration prior to visit can help minimize sign-in time, thus reducing congestion at check-in. Floor space may be able to decrease due to numerous tasks handled electronically and consolidation of administrative services, especially if moved off-site. Flat screens showcasing offerings by your practice and informative educational items keep patients informed while generating new revenue potential.
  • Wall placement and flow. Adding (or removing) a few critical walls can improve productivity exponentially, increasing profits. It also creates a more inviting aesthetic which increases the enjoyment of working in, and visiting, your office space.
The productivity and efficiency of an office can be greatly increased by engaging an interior designer. Designers are trained to identify, research and creatively solve problems pertaining to the development of an interior environment, and have the knowledge and skills to implement beneficial solutions. Hiring an interior designer to guide you through some minor interior remedies or through the planning process for a new office space or major renovation is an important first step to ensuring your office functions efficiently, effectively and saves time and money and ultimately helps to generate income.