NFD is dedicated to creating interior spaces that are innovative, functional, and accurately reflect each client’s desired image.
We are continually mindful of new and proven ways to improve quality of life and work, protecting the health, safety and welfare of employees and the public, and increasing productivity.
The skills we bring to each client’s project blend creativity, planning and sustainability – all working together to result in spaces that are well-designed, attractive and built for longevity.
Making the crucial decision to work with NFD, from project beginning through the various phases of the design process, ensures that the finished environment meets all your business’ needs now and for years to come.
Business People In Meeting
“After over 1 1/2 years, we continue to be thrilled with our space. It is my understanding that our novel design has been copied by a couple of corporations that have toured it. Thank you for listening so carefully to the way we work and interact, and delivering an innovative design that has been plagiarized - no better form of flattery.” Mike W., Videology